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PostSubject: NOMINATION CEREMONY - Week 1   Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:07 pm

Possible: [Alex] [Ashlee] [Beaux] [Chris] [Derek] [Edgar] [Jaym] [Amanda] [Monique] [Sara] [Sheldon] [Tri] [Thomas]

Hello everyone and welcome to my first nomination ceremony

It's been an honor becomming the first hoh and i'm happy to be in this situation

Now I'm really trying to play this as fairly as possible, so hopefully I'm not hurting anyone with these noms *pagaent girl tears*

I'll begin with the keys...
Monique, Sara, Thomas, and are here and safe

Possible: [Alex] [Ashlee] [Beaux] [Chris] [Derek] [Edgar] [Amanda] [Sheldon] [Tri]

Ashlee, Edgar, and are the remaining Bottom Dwellers this round. At least one of you has to be nominated, but I can nominate two if I choose. are nominated. Sorry, but the communication just hasn't been all. I hope you can bounce back from this and show us that you truly "want to play" are safe. are also safe

[Alex] [Beaux] [Chris] [Derek] [Edgar] [Sheldon] [Tri]

Alex...we are in desperate need for some multiple cultures in this game. you are safe

Tri...every good game has an asian. You are safe.

[Beaux] [Chris] [Derek] [Edgar] [Sheldon] are safe. are safe.

Beaux and Sheldon. You two beautiful girls stand before me, but I only have one picture in my hand.

This picture represents the girl that will still be in the running towards becomming America's Next Top..

wait... ran off right after the challenge and we havent really had time to connect.

Sheldon...I noticed you were speaking a lot in the chat, but none of the conversation to me (the HOH..ohai)

So who stays? The girl who makes me cream my pants with every photo, or Beaux?


Sheldon...I'm sorry but your dream ends here

Back to seriousness. Sheldon and Edgar, I nominated you both strictly based on communication. It's a social game, meaning you have to be online to talk. I'm not saying this is the end of the line for you, cause I pray for both your sake that it's not. But take this and learn.

With that being said, this nomination ceremony is done.
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